Friday, February 19, 2010

Say Hello to Jeszi, a.k.a. Petite Jamilla

In her own words,
"i'm pretty simple, i think. I am seasonally emotional (i match corresponding emotions with the corresponding season: Winter - Depressed, Summer - Happy), i am overly creative and i'm a work-a-holic (runs in the family). I went to college at my own expense and against my better judgement and saw no benefits even socially. I quit college to join a bellydance company in LA and it has become my life. I have been to 26 countries in 3 years. I am extreme just like my emotions..... i am organized and i have good leadership qualities which works to my benefit (my defense actually) because when i do screw up - i do it in a big way. I love kids and i have very little patience so your guess is as good as mine about whether i'm going to be a decent mother or not!"

Jeszi's websites:
I love these two!
I absolutely love this picture! Jeszi looks SO gorgeous and Shayan is so cute and in love! Ahhh, the sweetest thing.

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The Jazzy Belle said...

Jeszi is a HOT TAMALE!! Love all these photos.. and girl.. that is awesome that you said screw college and found something you are truly passionate about! I admire that!!