Thursday, February 25, 2010

She is pretty amazing. Her name is Malinda, not to be confused with Melinda.

"I love to bake, cook, play house, go to the movies, ride my Vespa, and read food blogs. I'm currently trying to learn Italian because I'm going there two times in 2009. I love being Zack's wife! He's so precious, hilarious, and pale white as I am, and he makes my life full."

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Meet Melinda


Ballroom DancingDancingCutting UpWorking Too MuchDriving,Party CrashingCutting HairTattoosPiercingsand Music.


HairMakeupMusicArtDancingSingingCamp McDowell,Happening.

same pic

About Me:

I got tattoos, peircings and Im alot of fun. I like to go to parties, clubs, local shows and chill out. Im in Cosmetology School in Homewood at Winonahs International School of Cosmetology. I loveeee it. Life couldnt be any perfect. I have wonderful friends and the best parents someone could ask for. :]

Consistently Classy Courtney