Wednesday, March 3, 2010

According to the Urban dictionary Kiran means 1. beam of light 2. A ray of sunlight. A sweet and compassionate girl who would do anything to make anyone smile. She is determined and strongwilled and will kick your ass if you get in her way of achieving her dreams. She's strunningly beautiful and sexy in a playful way.



Life! Travelingfashioninterior designrunningswimmingyogaSEC footballthe beachcoffee w/ steamed soywinefood- all kindsart,boutiquessoccerskiingweekend get awaysto-do listspuppies,laughingold friendsnew friendsand of course my fab family.

Favorite Music:

Significantly various. Frank SinatraDavid Gray to JayzNe-yoand so on.

Favorite TV Shows:

Flipping OutLXTV60 MinutesRachel Zoe ProjectTop ModelThe HillsThe OfficeThe KardashiansKell On Earth

Favorite Books:

Da Vinci Code10 Things I Want My Daughter to KnowLove You Forever (yesthe children's book but it is the sweestest)


The Jazzy Belle said...

Wow!! Kiran is stunning!! Don't know if you'll read this Kiran but you should model if you don't already! So pretty and GREAT style!!

love you Sheri!

dancinginchiffon said...

gorgeous photos!